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Book Chapters

  1. Ocock, J. F. and Wassens, S. (2018) “The status of decline and conservation of frogs in the arid and semi-arid zones of Australia.” In Heatwole, H. and Rowley, J.J.L. (eds) Status of Conservation and Decline of Amphibians in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. CSIRO. Canberra, Australia.
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Journal Articles

In print

  1. Gracanin, A., Roger, E., Katsis, A. C., O’Loughlin, L. S., Emery, N. J., Ocock, J. F., & O’Hanlon, J. C. (2020). “An artificial bird nest experiment in urban environments: Lessons from a school‐based citizen science programme.” Austral Ecology
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  6. Ocock J.F., Rowley J.J.L., Penman T.D. and Kingsford R.T (2013) “Amphibian chytrid: a potential threat to arid amphibian communities” Ecohealth 10 (1): 77 DOI 10.1007/s10393-013-0824-8
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Technical Reports

  1. Spencer, J., Ocock, J., Amos, C., Hosking, T., Humphries, J., Borrell, A., Suter, S., Preston, D., Hutton, K., and Berney, P. (2017). Monitoring Waterbird Outcomes in NSW: Summary Report 2016-17. Unpublished report. NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Sydney. June 2017.
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  3. Torrible, L., Wettin, P., Barma, D., Wilson, G., Hobcroft, D. and Ocock, J., (2011) Post flood assessment and determinations of environmental water requirements for: Gunningbar Creek, Lower Crooked Creek, Marra Creek, and the Lower Macquarie River. Prepared by IRPEC Pty for BWR on behalf of The Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.
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  5. Ocock, J.F., Baasanjav, G., Baillie, J.E.M., Chimendtseren, O., Erdenebata, M., Kottelat, M., Mendsaikhan, B., and Smith, K. (2006). Summary Conservation Action Plans for Mongolian Fishes. ADMON, Ulaanbaatar. Available at:

Science Communication and Other Publications

  1. Ocock J.F. and Moreira L. (2017) “Some frogs of Araras Eco Lodge, Pantanal”. Download the pamphlet (PDF)
  2. Ocock J.F. and Moreira L (2017) “Some frogs of Park Ecolodge, Chapada dos Guimaraes”. Download the pamphlet (PDF) English version Portuguese version
  3. Fuchs V., Yuens, F. and Ocock. J.F. (2017). “Frogs and environmental flows in the Murray Darling Basin”. Internal communications podcast, for the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.
  4. Ocock J.F. (2013) “Finding killer frog fungus in the Marshes: but it’s not really anything to worry about!”. Australian Wetlands, Rivers and Landscape Centre, University of New South Wales Download the pamphlet (PDF)
  5. Ocock J.F. (2012) “Ecology of Freshwaters: A View for the Twenty-First Century” Book review. Austral Ecology 37(8) e44
  6. Ocock J.F. (2011) “Floodplain Wetland Biota in the Murray-Darling Basin: Water and Habitat Requirements” Book review. Austral Ecology 36(7) e39-e39
  7. Ocock J.F. (2011) An informal guide to the frogs of the Macquarie Marshes (pamphlet edition). Australian Wetlands and Rivers Centre, University of New South Wales Download the pamphlet (PDF)
  8. ABC News (2010) “Frogs to help wetland research” Watch on YouTube